Lonnie bass, Jim mandolin, Sid guitar, and Brandon on banjo.

Hatfields and Mccoys foundation

Angelo David is a 14-year- old singer/songwriter and keyboard player from Boston who began writing songs at age 8. He has an unique ability to convert his personal experiences to powerful
lyrics and catchy musical transitions. 

Angelo released his first CD in 2013, along with his first music videos, “House Is Burning Down” (a song about being bullied) and “Mirror” (an introspection). On June 8, 2013, “House is Burning Down” trended at #4 worldwide on YouTube as one of the most
popular music videos around the web.  

Angelo’s talents were noticed by Marc Delcore, music director for Britney Spears. Delcore offered to produce Angelo’s next single,
“Heard it at Sunset,” a moving song about the Boston Marathon bombing.  The song and video were released at the one-year
anniversary of the bombing with all proceeds to benefit the One Fund.  

In the fall of 2013, Angelo was backed by the Britney Spears’ Las Vegas band at the Topsfield Fair. Angelo has performed at festivals, charity events, award shows, and school events.

Angelo’s musical and acting talents have been recognized by film
festivals internationally.  In 2014, “Heard it at Sunset” won Best Music Video at the Long Beach Indie International Film Festival
and “Mirror” won Best Music Video at the Indian Cine Film Festival in Mumbai, India. In 2015, Angelo’s music video
“Lonely” won Best Music Video at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.

 Follow on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: @ItsAngeloDavid

Watch him on YouTube: YouTube.com/itsangelodavid

Contact him: info@AngeloDavidMusic.comType your paragraph here.

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The Hatfields Facebook Page

McVanHat is a classic and southern rock band from the heart of Hatfield/McCoy Country on the West Virginia/Kentucky
Border. The band members are of the Hatfield, McCoy, Vance Blood line and they will Rock your Socks off. The members are:
Jim Charles - Drums
Jimmy Vance - Lead Vocals and percussion. Jim is from the feud bloodline of Jim Vance.
David Blankeship - Bass and Vocals - from the feuding Blankenship (Hatfield) bloodline
Lewis McCoy - Lead Guitar and vocals from the feuding McCoys bloodline
Bobby Charles - Lead Guitar.
McVanHat has opened for various label acts that include "Sundy Best", "Charlie McCoy" Nashville and West Virginia Music Hall of Famer,
and "Jason Coleman" Floyd Cramer's Grandson.
Lewis played in a band in Korea with band mate "Richard Kiser" Gospel guitar Hall of Fame and the Artist Music Guilds Instrumentalist of the
Year in past years and band mate "Mike Vader" who previously played with the Ventures.
For a rockin good time, come to see them at a venue near you.